Tim and Peg Harbaugh Family


Tim and Peg Harbaugh Family

About Our Farm


We are real people.

We put our family on a farm to give them the opportunity to learn the value of hard and physical work. Mom and Dad both hold full-time jobs, but at home we are farmers. Our kids are the primary caretakers of our animals and we pay the bills. [Insert grimace here.]


We wanted meaningful work for their hands.

We wanted to teach our kids the reality you don’t always earn financial gains by your work, but there’s always something to be gained in the experience. This pig is proof the gains are not financial sometimes, but feeding and caring for an animal - even to take it to market - is a valuable reality of how the world works.


Our new venture: Goats On The Go - Dubuque

As our kids have grown, so has our operation. Our newest venture is Goats On The Go - Dubuque; a targeted goat grazing business. Our service aims to manage invasive plants and overgrowth in a conservation-minded way with goats doing the work they love; eating.