We used to have we have show cattle.

Our purpose

We are the first to admit we were warned..."It's a lot of work!" That was the idea and actually, the original goal. Our show heifers are a labor of love. As time and experience is setting in, we are finding success in the ring. Our investment in the animals is actually an investment in our kids; meaningful work for their hands. It's dirty. It's hard. It doesn't necessarily "pay off" in gold coins, but we are hopeful that our best efforts will pay off in the ring and maybe in the sale of quality animals for others to show. In the meantime, the kids are getting a lot of paydirt under their nails.

Our Resources

We have learned so much and leaned pretty hard on our favorite resources:

Weber Cattle has been instrumental in starting and growing our herd. They have advised us on buying the right animals and equipment, caring for and fitting the animals, breeding for the next generation and more. They have been invaluable and helped us every step of the way.

Big Foot Ranch is my brother's operation in Manchester. They not only have a tremendous offering but have been a big help getting us started; beginning with warning us what we were getting into.